Paint & Steelwork

For 130 years, we have refined our skills of surface treatment and corrosion protection. Through countless projects in our R&D department, we have built a wide repertoire of solutions and services. We deliver surface treatment throughout the whole value chain in the wind industry, from factories making towers, blades, nacelles to complete service and installation working both onshore and offshore all over the world. We emphasize on hiring and educating best-in-class technicians with extensive training.


  • Surface preparation
  • Corrosion protection
  • Advanced corrosion repairs & touch up
  • Steel & welding works
  • Non-Destructive-Testing (NDT)
  • Quality inspections (FROSIO/NACE)
  • Rope Access, access platforms, scaffolding
  • End warranty inspections
  • Wasching & cleaning

Advanced corrosion repairs

In a maritime environment, it is necessary to protect all components by ongoing inspections and continuously maintenance repairs. The environment with saltwater, rain, wind, etc., creates an aggressive and harsh environment offshore. In order to prolong components lifespan, we are doing inspections and corrosion repairs; this includes foundations, transition pieces, towers, blades, substations, etc. No matter the conditions, we are always able to offer you a solution. Onshore, offshore, work in heights - we always have skilled teams to carry out advanced corrosion repairs.


Inspections of the turbine components are necessary to maintain the maximum performance. Our paint & steel department offers NDT, FROSIO and NACE trained personnel who can solve this task. Detailed documentation including pictures and descriptions will be delivered as a report by the end of each job. In the report, we as well give our recommendations for the corrective repair work, and as well offer our support solving the problem.


We have many years of experience working with steel structures. We can be helpful in solving complex steelwork tasks on site, this includes among others: welding, cutting, filling, grinding, NDT (Non-Destructive-Testing), MT (Magnetic Testing) and VT (Visual Testing).

Access methods

When we need to access unreachable areas fast and convenient, we use rope access or an ActSafe ascender. Rope access and ActSafe gives a flexibility and requires less preparation, which increases efficiency and flexibility. Rope access work is carried out in accordance with IRATA guidelines and all our technicians are trained accordingly. This is our guarantee for a safe and efficient execution.

Research & development

Our R&D department works with universities all over the world, developing smarter and better solutions. Projects like “RepaKorr” and “Riblet” are projects working towards optimizing wind turbine energy production/outcome and are some of the outcomes from our R&D department. We also research in areas of Artificial Intelligence and automization. The goal is to develop a solution, where we are able to analyze damages from drone inspections, while turbines are still producing. Feel free to get in contact to hear more about our latest innovations & solutions.