Our department has more than 20 years of experience working with blades both onshore and offshore. Our committed business unit ‘Blades’ has very specialized technicians who are dedicated to help with your blade repair and inspection needs on all major turbine models. We are capable of mounting and retrofitting aerodynamic enhancing components on the blades as well as performing everything from minor surface repairs to complicated fiber repair works.

Your contact

Stefan Hougaard

Head of Business Unit


We are experts in:

  • advanced fiber repairs
  • lightning protection systems
  • leading edge protection
  • blade upgrades
  • rope-access / access-platforms / act-safe
  • inspections via rope, drone, ground camera
  • non-destructive testing (ndt)
  • end of warranty survey
  • washing & cleaning

Blade Repair & Inspection

Fiber repairs and inspections are a big part of our work. Knowledge about materials and finish is valued. Carefulness and meticulousness are some of the most valued qualities of a blade technician.

LEP & Upgrades

LEP and upgrades for turbines are crucial to maximize the lifespan and productivity of the turbine and blades. We work with some of the leading companies who develop and manufacture LEP solutions and upgrades. We always challenge our partners to seek more optimization and our own R&D department work with universities around the globe towards smarter solutions.

Rope Access

When we need to access the blade fast and convenient, we use rope-access and act-safe. Rope access gives a flexibility and requires less preparation. Rope access work is carried out in accor­dance with IRATA guidelines and all our technicians are trained accordingly to ensure a high safety standards.


For more complex tasks we use platforms, these allow our technicians to work for a longer period on the blade and they can bring more tools and consumables.

Platform solutions are used in more time consuming jobs and when there is a need to be in the same spot for a longer period. Platforms with habitats can be used when weather conditions are harsh.

Drone Inspections

Drone inspections are cost efficient and requires much less personnel than other access methods. We work with completely automated blade inspections using a drone and highly intuitive software that allows for repeatability, high-quality data, and safer inspections.

Our own R&D department is part of various large development projects where they research in using Artifi­cial Intelligence to analyze damages from drone shoots while turbines are still producing.