140 years of corporate tradition

The entrepreneurial spirit of the company founders and the innovative strengths of their successors have supported Muehlhan’s business over the decades, giving it momentum and direction. Yet the backbone of the corporate philosophy has always remained the same: the pursuit of perfection and highest quality.

The first 100 years

When the company was founded in 1881, it focused on cleaning steam boilers. Soon after, the service range was extended to include ship cleaning, insulation work, and ship supplies. The development of new boiler-cleaning processes soon made Muehlhan stand out in the market. The pursuit of perfection and the continuous improvement of productivity and quality formed the basis of the company’s excellent reputation. In the second half of the last century, Muehlhan launched further innovations, among them special suction and coating technologies and an improved dry-blasting process. In 1981, the Muehlhan brand went international for the first time.

Becoming a Global Player (1980 - 2012)

In the mid-1980s, Muehlhan initiated a focused internationalization campaign. First projects in Eastern Europe soon led to the foundation of companies abroad. The new subsidiaries acted as specialists for corrosion and surface protection in industrial and maritime applications. Step by step, Muehlhan opened up new growth opportunities in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

To generate the financial basis for further expansion, Muehlhan was converted into a joint stock company and renamed Muehlhan AG. The company went public in October 2006.

Since then the global network of subsidiaries and branches has been expanded continuously. Being close to the customer with flexible services, we have been able to rapidly consolidate our position in these new markets.

Today Muehlhan is a corporate group that is active in several different business sectors. Acting globally, we are a dependable and attractive partner for our customers, investors, business partners and employees.